Close Encounters with thesacredprofane

Have you had a close enounter with thesacredprofane -  the sacred in the profane? Let us know, we would love to feature examples of thesacredprofane here on the website and on the podcast.  

So email us at with your stories, photos, or videos of God (whatever that means) reveals itself in the mundane or the everyday. 

Although our podcast at thesacredprofane focuses on larger questions investigated through discrete cultural objects, the experience of thesacredprofane is larger than this. The “sacred” gestures toward that which is set apart for religious reasons or purposes, while the profane refers to a range of options—from merely that which is “not sacred” to that which is meant to blaspheme, or to make unholy.

Our hope is to use thesacredprofane to designate those moments in which the sacred and profane merge; in short, moments when “God” (whatever that means) appears in the mundane or every day, or when some ordinary object suddenly seems to harness or reflect a more divine quality. We would like to hear about any such moments of thesacredprofane you have encountered, times when the sacredprofane has interrupted your life. Traditional religions would term such moments “revelations,” although we, at thesacredprofane, are most interested in revelations that fall within the everyday.  

Most revelations of thesacredprofane bestow a kind of “truth,” although these truths aren’t like the facts that Google provides. Most such revelations, in fact, go beyond our ability to put the content into words. More often, what remains is simply a feeling or impulse—and, often, a desire to try to capture the truth in some sort of creative form. Because of this, we would be interested in your sharing any sort of documentation of this moment as seems appropriate, including:

  • A photograph, painting, or other artwork portraying what or when something was revealed. This can be a photograph of an object, a location, and may include a written caption of what/when happened.
  • A written report describing what preceded the encounter, and what happened as a result of it. The form of this report can be a poem, a story, an essay, or a description.
  • A discussion of how the profane object or situation seemed to alter, and what happened to it once the moment passed.

We would be happy to receive anything that could be attached to an email.

Our hope is that you will join us in exploring thesacredprofane at a personal, experiential level. Assuming that our capacity to experience “God” has not died, whatever the status of the divine itself may be, we believe that such moments occur relatively often—they just lack a context that helps them make sense. As part of our project, we would like to have this be a space that allows such moments to make sense. When you email us at let us know if you’d like for us to post your name (first and/or last) and location as well as your report, and whether you’d prefer comments be allowed or prevented.

Thanks in advance for trusting us to host your close encounters with thesacredprofane. We’re looking forward to hearing what you find in the world.