Season 2: What is Love?

  • Episode 1: Valentine's Day (Art/Pop Culture)

    • Here's a link to a good NYT article about the history of Valentine's Day.

Season 1: What is Justice? 

  • Episode 1: Plato’s Republic and Charmides (Philosophy/Theology):

    • Plato’s Republic: Not a fan of the Jowett translation, but here’s a link to Plato’s Republic courtesy of MIT’s Internet Classics Archive.

    • Charmides: And here’s a link to Charmides also from MIT’s Internet Classics Archive.

  • Episode 2: The Dark Knight Rises (Art/Pop Culture):

  • Episode 3: Hail, Caesar (Art/Pop Culture):

  • Episode 4: Stand Your Ground - TX, FL, & IA (Politics/Society):

  • Episode 5: Derrida’s “Force of Law” (Philosophy/Theology):

  • Episode 6: Les Miserable (Art/Pop Culture):

    • Les Misérables: Victor Hugo’s full text in 5 volumes courtesy of
  • Episode 7: Old Boy (Art/Pop Culture):

    • Old Boy (2003): Here’s the IMDB for the 2003 South Korean film – not the 2013 Spike Lee version.
  • Episode 8: Citizen’s United (Politics/Society):

  • Episode 9: Hobbes’ Leviathan (Philosophy/Theology):

  •  Episode 10: Netflix’s  House of Cards (Art/Pop Culture):

    • House of Cards: Here’s the IMDB page for the Netflix series.
    • Cloudnet offers a pretty good resource on how to watch House of Cards
  • Episode 11: God is NOT Dead, 1 and 2 (Art/Pop Culture):

    • God’s Not Dead: This is a link to second “God’s Not Dead” movie that came out in 2016.
  • Episode 12: Trump Rally (Politics/Society)

  • Episode 13: Concluding Reflections the question “What is Justice?”

CHI: Center for Humanist Inquiries

The Center for Humanist Inquiries provides learning experiences outside of a university setting. Focused on cultivating critical and creative thinking skills, services are designed so students appropriate what is learned in ways meaningful to their personal and professional lives. CHI provides a community for thinkers interested in pursuing questions without a need for answers.