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"For years, I was devoted to session wrestling.  I thought it was my dream come true.  I was drawn to the women for their athletic strength and their fighting skills and I found the physical contact to be exciting and fun and wonderfully sexy.  And that would’ve been the end of the story except the pandemic happened and suddenly I found myself scrounging for a substitute.  I thought of trying phone sessions but with who?  She’d have to be a very unusual creature -- verbally capable, intellectually powerful, sensually creative and naturally dominant.  I’d heard good things about a dominatrix in Northern California.  I had never sessioned with a real domme before and thought it might be an opportunity to try something different.

Fifteen months later, I am completely owned by Empress Lila.

I can’t believe I just wrote that.  But it’s true.  Without pointy props, without leather boots, without trash talking, without anger, without man hating, without ever even meeting me in person, Lila Nyx has thoroughly captivated every fiber of my imagination.  Our long, rambling phone conversations, invisibly guided by her predatory curiosity, led me to tell her everything – all my deepest darkest most personal fantasies, fantasies which she happily made her own and then spoke back to me in that slightly husky tomboy voice of hers.  “So you like the way a python takes a mouse into its coils?  Mm, then you’ll love the way I intend to dominate you, my little mouse.”

As I have come to learn, this is the duality the dominatrix – she is, on the one hand, a guide into personal intimacy and celebratory kink, and on the other, a cruel and casual predator.  At times, Empress Lila will inhabit the role of spiritual teacher or meditation guru.  At other times, she will happily reveal herself as a merciless schoolyard bully.  (I trembled a bit as I typed that last sentence.)  For a while, I kept asking myself – am I her client or am I her victim?  The answer is, that’s the wrong question.  The right question is much simpler: do I trust her?  And my answer is yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.



The pandemic is ending.  In person meetings can resume.  The rest of my life is about to begin.  Now, I am really trembling."

- P


“I've had the joy of a couple of recent sessions with Lila. Having sessioned with dozens of ladies over the years, I do not hesitate to say that Lila is very special. Her pictures are not only accurate, to the extent you're wondering if she's managed to maintain that remarkable physique, but she is actually far more striking, beautiful, and sexy in person. Too many reviews say that, but I’d put cold hard cash down as a guarantee it's true here.


Lila has a wisdom and confidence that comes with session experience, and it manifests as a real professional urge to figure out what makes you tick and scratch that itch. You'd hope this would be common in the session world, but frankly it isn't. She's uncommonly intelligent, thoughtful, responsive, communicative, and fun.


I had a couple fantasy/light semi-competitive sessions with Lila. In particular, I'm a knockout enthusiast and wanted her to focus on various choke-out techniques. I can't recall a single woman who has refined techniques in real time and tweaked them so quickly to my feedback as Lila. We played around with rear naked chokes, headscissors, triangle chokes, and a few others. She was absolutely wonderful at every one. I loved that Lila showed a genuine enthusiasm throughout our time together that made me so comfortable and left me wanting more.


Folks, if you're looking for a gorgeous woman who is an excellent communicator with awesome athleticism, an open mind, and a penchant for putting you to sleep -- look no further.


For the record, I don't want to pigeonhole Lila because it's clear she is open to a variety of interests and I have zero doubt she would be equally enthusiastic in catering to respectful clients who clearly communicate their own itches that have nothing to do with knockouts. Mine happens to be KOs, which she is amazing at, but I know from multiple sessions she'd be equally amazing at others.


If you're thinking about booking with Lila, stop. Book her immediately. Message me later and thank me.”

- D


Mistress Lila (or Reina as my awestruck sobriquet) is as insightful as she is beautiful. A professional who can caress as she punishes, improvise as she executes, and empower as she dominates. For a person who is looking to both indulge their fantasies while growing emotionally, physically, and spiritually, Lila is the discerning submissive’s choice.


Bring your A game as she will always bring hers. The path will be your own but she will help you walk it.


Her utilization of tools both overt and discrete helped me set a better approach for myself not only in session but, more importantly, in my daily life: From creative writing assignments and embracing dance & community, to designing my own life blueprint, setting goals and discovering my true priorities.


She possesses a veritable cornucopia of experience and wisdom and, as I’ve mentioned, insight. During a tough time in my personal evolution (or revolution) Reina was an invaluable resource.


I’m happier, healthier, and more in tune with my core than I could have been without her guidance.


I wish to thank you for granting me my first session last week. It was, from my perspective, a transcendent experience. Seemingly "out of body".


 I must confess that I initially sought a session with you because of your physical attractiveness. Upon meeting you, I realized that I was unprepared for the athletic grace with which you carry yourself and the overriding confidence that you own. It was at once both unsettling and comforting. The message was clear -- you are beautiful, powerful and kind. I knew that I was instantly in YOUR world but that I would be okay as long as I respected your rules and demonstrated my obedience. There really is no other option when meeting you for the first time.


 Things worked out in ways that exceeded my wildest hopes expectations. Every act of worship that you ordered was extremely fulfilling to me. I couldn't wait for your next set of instructions. I sensed at times that you were enjoying my servitude, which drove me wild. As you shared thoughts with me I found myself straining to try to look past your physical beauty so that I could focus on what you were offering from inside. I was only partially successful at doing this but hopefully I will do better if you are kind enough to grant me another session.


I don't know what will take place if you do allow a next session. I just long to be in your world and be able to absorb as much as I can from you.


Empress Lila, please look kindly on my humble request for another session. I promise to work hard to become the type of servant that you so richly deserve.”


- J


“My session with Empress Lila Nyx was the catalyst for so much in my life. This was my first official BDSM session of any kind, although the idea of being dominated has always been a huge sexual turn on for me. I was made to feel comfortable & safe from the moment we first began communicating (via email) till the moment we said goodbye, after the session ended. Everything I shared with her was spoken about with such a casual yet respectful manner that it made me feel comfortable (instead of ashamed, as I have often felt in the past about some of my kinks & fetishes) & able to share & trust her fully.


The session itself was absolutely full on hot! The moment she entered the designated room, she became someone else, fully the dominant I so desire & I was turned on from the moment we began till the moment we ended. She used all I had shared with her previously to make my experience the most erotic & satisfying it could possibly be, while fulfilling all my desires for the dominant kink I wanted. She took my cues & ran with them & never broke from her role, which was of utmost importance to me.


Her physical presence was almost as sexually stimulating as her verbal commentary, which had me at times quivering from pure arousal. When the session was over, she wrapped me in a towel (I had been in the tub... Another turn on of did she know!?) gave me some water & lay on the bed with me, listening to me as I shared my feelings about the whole experience.


Since our session I have begun to read about & experiment more with the BDSM lifestyle & feel our session together was a direct catalyst for some of the sexual awakenings I have had in the last month, since our session.


I highly recommend her & think everyone should explore this & any other sexual kinks that intrigue them, cuz it's worth it!”


    Miss T


“My session with Lila during her recent northeast trip was an experience I will not soon forget. She is intuitive, sexy, fun, and playful... yet intense at the same time. She has an amazing innate ability to know exactly what you want, and whatever she thinks she may not know, she will ask, and happily, and skillfully deliver. As a sessioner, she is spot-on. And as a person, if you should have the crazy luck of being able to hang with her and share some conversation, she is engaging, interesting, kind, warm, and absolutely brilliant. Empress Lila Nyx is the whole package. How about this to convince you: after thirty years of sessioning, she is the best I have ever had.”


- D

AW_Irina_Oakland_0449 (1)_edited.jpg

“Something told me when I saw Lila’s plans to visit Boston I needed to meet her. I am so very thankful for that decision. My experience with Lila was powerful and fulfilling. We established a role play that she played perfectly, using it to demonstrate her physical and psychological power over me. First I could not escape her scissors; soon I was a sensual captive of both her mind and body. Our session was powerfully erotic and at moments transcendent. Our session flowed perfectly from sensual wrestling to muscle worship, never letting me question or forget who was in control. I’ve explored wrestling sessions for years but my experience with Lila was like no other.”


-     P

Z72_9630-Edit (1)_edited.jpg

hen I met you for the first time, I did so with anticipation enticed by the alluring nature of your photos and the vivid picture you drew with your bio on the Gates website. You walked through the curtain, stunning in red. I told you I did not have a lot of experience with role playing, but fantasized about being with a stripper and seduced to come to your home where I would be tied and gagged, and ordered to worship your body. I never imagined how excited I would become at seeing the erotic dance and acrobatic skills you displayed. My panting became nearly uncontrollable and you had to order me to take a deep breath. Truly, you could be a star in Cirque Du Soleil. You took me to an area where no stripper or domme has ever taken me before. It was a fantasy come to life. I look forward to seeing you again and going on another adventure with you. I await your surprises. I submit to you.”


- R


"Until You Make The Unconscious Conscious, It will Direct Your Life And You Will Call It Fate."
- Carl Jung

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