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I believe in the unification of the sacred and the profane. The profane is sacred. The sacred is profane. There is no distinction. There is no judgment day. Every desire is an opportunity to love our wildest, primal parts. And for those wild parts of you that desire some taming and containment, well... there are endless ways to entertain those longings.


I believe that being witnessed in our sensations, emotions, and desires, by another kinky, caring, present human, allows us to feel more deeply. I believe that coming into the body through feeling is the most direct and enjoyable route to knowing who we are, what we want, and how to create our erotic dream life.


Ego screams in protest 

to inevitable demise, 

surrender fully, total bliss -

You are about die…


As you crawl across the threshold,

land naked on the other side

there descends a realization 

that only NOW are you truly alive…


What happens when peace makes love with war; night makes love with day; innocence makes love with pure deviant desire?

The emergence of a creatrix who radiates light while dancing wildly in the shadows…


A brilliantly embodied, sensual sapiosexual, I will stimulate every aspect of your being with my presence.

Like a little lion cub yawning into waking, you will find yourself in awe of the aliveness unfolding all around you as you experience yourself as the pleasure-oriented, feeling being that you were meant to be…


Would you like to return to the simplicity of your senses? 


I will titillate your mind just so to teasingly elicit a complete letting go.

No stone left unturned, no skin left unburned by the fire of my desire

for you to feel the all encompassing pleasure that is our collective birthright.


Did you think that means no pain?

Silly naïveté…

When you enter my world, you are surrendered to the realities of this existence,

and pain has been real for you for quite some time, hasn’t it darling? 

I invite you to be curious about pain as a portal to bliss.

Come now, let's discover how to enjoy what you previously feared.

Surrender your cares, your will, your burden and your body. 

There are no decisions for you to make. Your task is to follow. 

I intend to render you deliciously helpless. You'll thank me.

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I take a holistic approach to my play, blending intellect, intuition, and genuine care with a sadistic twist, to guide you on a journey to bliss.


A primarily dominant divine, if you have what it takes to inspire me to switch, you will be rewarded and inspired by my empowered submissive side. So far, no client has earned my submission and I look forward to meeting the one(s) of you has what it takes.

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I love playing with folks of all genders, races, abilities, and experience levels. I love exploring sexuality with those who are spiritual, or religious, and I especially have a penchant for exploring the reclamation of eros with those who previously or currently identify as Christian.


I have a sweet spot for couples, as the triad structure provides endless possibilities for dynamic play, and facilitated kink exploration is an incredible gateway to deeper pleasure, intimacy, and understanding of yourself, your partner, and the third entity of the relationship between the two of you. I’m also adept at playing and guiding in the realms of open/poly/transitioning relationships.


I would be happy to discuss how BDSM play can inform and enliven all your relations. In addition to exploring desires, parts of self, boundaries, liberation from shame, and cultivating a generally more playful approach to life, we will always explore consent, ideally with a lot of laughter and enjoyment. Understanding consent is central to our ability to know ourselves, build intimate relationships, and create the life we desire.


Activity interests include but are not limited to:


Impact Play (spanking, flogging, paddling, caning, whipping)


Foot worship

Boot/Heel worship


Nipple Torture


Face Slapping

Primal Beatdowns


Hair pulling

Cross Dressing

Fabric Fetish

Smoking (herbal blends only)

Sensory Deprivation

Sensual Dominance

Delectable Cuisine Play

Wax Play

Breath Play

Massage and Energy work



All manner of Dominance and Submission

Tease and Denial

Consent Training

Confession and Atonement

Financial Domination

Predicament Bondage

Edging/Orgasm Control




Humiliation and Degradation

Primal Beatdowns



Erotic Ritual

Archetypal Exploration

Human Canvas

Private Seductive Dance

Waking Dreamwork

Creative Role Plays

Forest Nymphing

Impeccable Mind F*cking

Kinky Initiations and Rites of Passage


All manner of ridiculously fun role play



Costume Play

Cross Dressing (irreverent cross dressing does NOT mean disrespectful or transphobic)

Lighthearted Age Play

Pup and Pony Play

Golden Showers

* Special consideration given to those who indulge my Philanthropy fetish (link page)


Breaking Bones/Permanent Physical Damage

Emotional or Psychological Damage

Scat Play

I do not kiss on the mouth.

I do not offer sex of any kind.

You may not touch me anywhere without my explicit consent.

I will not tolerate hateful or disrespectful communication or actions, towards me or other providers. Before being blocked/banned/or early session termination with no refund, you will be warned ONCE only, and possibly not at all depending how egregious the transgression..


** I delight in creative collaboration. If you have a desire not listed here, ask. Hope for yes, Respect No. **

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