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So, you want to know how and why I became a Dominant Liberatrix?

In order to dominate you and lovingly demand/invite your submission, I first had to learn to dominate my own small self, and understand what I am ultimately in submission to. 


My educational and vocational life began with a BA in Psychology. Layered onto this foundation are years of continual study, practice, and deep personal growth work. Some of the tools, trainings, and certifications that inform my worldview and Conscious Kink purview are:

  • Trained and employed at The Gates dungeon, Oakland, CA 2018-2020

  • Various kink workshops and trainings including impact play (flogging, spanking, paddling, caning, whipping, face slapping) breath play/KO, bondage, behavior modification, CBT, ethical financial domination, and more...

  • DJ Training focused on creating DJ sets based on the Hero's Journey

  • Currently enrolled: Organic Intelligence Coaching Training

  • Currently enrolled: Embody Lab trainings, including Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy Certificate Progarm, Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate, and Integrative Somatic Parts Work Certificate

  • Improv Training

  • Hatha Yoga Training

  • Various forms of Buddhist and non-denominational meditation

  • Decades and countless hours of dance and expressive movement practice and training

  • Authentic Movement (a Jungian-based practice of exploring the Unconscious)

  • Decades of dreamwork (also exploring the Unconscious)

  • Herbalism training (I would love to flog you with nettles or direct you to the perfect tree to cut your own switch)

  • Trainings in various forms of conscious communication practices

  • Thai Massage Training

  • Craniosacral Therapy Training

  • Nature-based soul work through the Animas Institute and Seminary of the Wild, including ongoing study of Bill Plotkin’s Nature-Based Map of the Human Psyche. Sessions with me are primarily exploration of the South facet of the Self on this map, also known as the Wild Indigenous One (the full-body feeling, sensual, erotic, primal part of our being). However, our play will generally integrate the other three facets of Self: The Muse/Beloved in the West, The Nurturing, Generative Adult in the North, and the Sacred Fool/Innocent/Sage/Trickster in the East. We use play as a pathway to acquaint ourselves with both the integrated aspects, and the wounded aspects of these four facets of Self, in our journey towards an erotically empowered reclamation of Wholeness.

We are all in submission to something. My dominance unfolds from my submission to a source of life greater than me, of which I am both part of and channel for. 

Ego submits to Soul. Ego is a delightful friend and loyal servant when properly appreciated and guided. And Ego is one kinky motherfucker in most all of us ;)

Stepping into a container of transformational BDSM with me means entering into an experience in which your Self and your ego are held by not just me, but by everything that stands behind and all around me, a great benevolent force that urges me to insist upon your submission.

While this urge is ultimately benevolent in nature, make no mistake, I enjoy embracing my sadistic side. Whether its giving you a primal beatdown, playfully humbling and unraveling you with my clever and biting degradation, or completely ignoring you altogether, we both get to experience the deliciousness of my power over you, and the succulence of your surrender.

If you find yourself wondering how it’s possible to experience so much connection and bliss in the context of a BDSM session, come find me. I would be happy to show you how much pure love exists behind every blow of my flogger and every squeeze of your body with my powerful legs.

And of course, as a creature of great range and affinity for balance, I love incorporating soft, sensual touch, guided breath work, subtle energy work, and genuinely kind, warm, unconditionally accepting dialogue regarding your most fringe proclivities.

It is a wildly edgy, satisfying, and meaningful journey to use pleasure, desire, power, and playful debauchery as a path to personal and collective liberation. 

The vast and complex world of conscious kink is a doorway to embracing the whole Self. Every activity, every scene, every type of play holds yet another key to how it’s possible to feel and who it’s possible to be.

As we engage in role plays, we get to know different parts of the personality self, which helps us loosen our grip on long-standing identities that may no longer serve us. We get to practice wearing a different hat (or harness, or collar, or gown and stockings) and strengthen to muscle of CHOICE, so that when we go back out into the world, we have a few more tools for expression in our kit.

When we submit to impact play, we learn about our edges, our arousal, our strength and our tenderness. We come into contact with life-giving questions about what it means to be in a human body. It changes our relationship to pain and pleasure. It can also awaken long dormant physical and emotional feelings that come to life when enough intensity of sensation coaxes them to the surface.

These are just a couple examples of how transformational BDSM can change who we are by making us question who we think we are, and expanding our options of who we can become.

We can begin to dethrone the ego from the center of the psyche, and offer it an opportunity to relax, be of service, and try on lots of different masks (some even with ball gags!) which helps us really begin to enjoy the human experience.

What if this was all just a play, just playing itself out? With the kinkiest, most accepting Creator EVER watching us all with a smile. Just a bunch of God’s children down here, getting into some good, healthy fun!

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