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Mythic Kink

Mythic Kink is a method of exploring kink, power, and eros, that is modeled on the hero’s journey, and structured with your psychological, somatic, and nervous system health in mind. 


“The Hero's Journey is a timeless story structure which follows a protagonist on an unforeseen quest, where they face challenges, gain insights, and return home transformed.”



In order to get the most out of any experience, and especially explorations of conscious kink, it is essential to have three key elements incorporated into any session:


We will begin with a standard BDSM negotiation to clarify needs, desires, boundaries, limits, triggers, injuries, agreements, and intentions for the journey. You arrive having received an email with clear instructions you may need to be prepared for the journey. I take care to set the physical and energetic space of the session in service to the highest possible outcome that serves your whole being. We will always begin by rooting into your body and your internal resources, so that you are well-equipped to explore the terrain of your body, soul, erotic expression, and psyche, feeling as safe and inspired as possible.


We will explore your activities of interest through the arc of a hero’s journey, allowing you to drop into the liminal space of mystery and discovery, and come out the other side having claimed more of yourself and your gifts. At minimum, we will have a great fucking time and an epic adventure.


We will take time after all sessions for after care that supports your unique system to integrate the journey. This may include gentle touch/cuddling, dialogue and verbal process, space for you to be solo and silent, a cup of tea, a shower, a moment for you to write or create art. We will discuss what integration/aftercare options are most useful and interesting to you before the session begins. You are encouraged to send a follow up email after your session to share a bit about your experience, or ask any lingering questions you may have. One follow up integration session by phone will be offered at a discount to those who book any length of a Mythic Kink Journey.

All sessions are custom designed for the individual, couple, or group. When requesting a session, please identify what length of time you desire from the available options, and what your primary activity interests are.

Check out my About page to see more details around my proclivities and specific activities that I love, as well as my limits.

In order to book any type of session, all new clients must provide the following information via email or the provided intake form:

- Name and desired location for a session.

- Desired type/length of session from the provided list of offerings.

- Your specific activity requests.

- Names and email addresses for two references from verified providers.

Daylong sessions, 7 session series, and Multi-day immersions require a comprehensive application that you will be provided by email following your initial inquiry.

Before submitting an inquiry, or asking questions via email, read over my "Want to Play?" page for protocols, location information, and answers to commonly asked questions.



Single Session Mini Myth

2 hours $1,000

For those who want a taste of what is possible. I will guide you through a journey incorporating up to 3 of your specific activity interests. 



Half-day Mythic Kink Immersion

4 hours $1,800

A half day gives us space to explore more activities, more in depth role plays, and a longer integration time that can include a meal together, if desired.



Daylong Mythic Kink Immersion

8 hours $3,000

A full day enables us to move deliciously slow, with several periods of rest and integration between, as well as the option for body work or energy work. This pace and spaciousness will enable us to go deeper into what is possible for you, and within our dynamic. This session will always include a meal together.


7 Session Mythic Kink Series

Seven 2 hour sessions $6,000

This series is an incredible way to experience a mythic kink journey that enables and amplifies long-term transformation. Each session will be dedicated to one phase of the hero’s journey. The integration time and home-play assignments given between sessions will support you to anchor into a new way of being in yourself and in the world. This session series is also great if you know you want regular sessions, and want to receive one session free.



Deep Dive Multi-Day Hero’s Journey

 Starting at $12,000

The ultimate Mythic Kink journey for the courageous soul. These sessions are multi-day immersions where you have my undivided attention, and a precisely crafted retreat for anywhere from 2.5 - 7 days. These retreats include a carefully crafted, bespoke, mythic kink journey stretched over the course of several days, blended with downtime and space for intentional, less structured time together that allow us to deepen our human connection with each other and create an authentic and fulfilling dynamic. Imagine a decadent vacation rental in a beautiful place, sharing delicious meals, and having multiple scenes over many days, interspersed with bodywork, energywork, cuddling, hot tub and sauna time, geeking out on board games, books, or TV and films that we love, and rolling all of that material into our scenes to bring them to life in a way that is increasingly fun, transformative, and deeply connected.





Inquire via email for details.




You pick up the phone and say “Hello, Mistress.” 


I exhale slowly, softly audible, taking my sweet time to offer my husky voice into the space between us…


Your heart beats. Hard.


You wonder about all the things I might learn about you in the next hour, and how I am quietly weaving them together, week by week, in preparation for a one of a kind erotic experience. 


An opus for your soul.


The moment I say hello, you are mine.

Inquire by email for virtual tribute details and logistics.





*Add $150/hour for couples sessions.

Couples please inquire by email about

pricing details for immersion experiences.




  • The Power of Kink To Transform Shame

  • The Technology of Fantasy

  • Psychology of Kink

  • Empowered Submission

  • The Dominatrix Archetype

  • Transformational BDSM

  • Using Kink to Transform Conflict Into Connection

  • The Predator Archetype

  • Consent As A Spiritual Practice

  • Domination as Love: Right Uses of Power

  • Ego, Soul, and Power Dynamics: We're All in Submission to Something...

  • Role Play, Identity, and The Masks We Wear


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