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So you're ready to play?

I only play with those who know how to follow instructions.

Your first task is to familiarize yourself with my expectations and protocol, below.

I expect that you will read through this information thoroughly, as it contains all you need to know about requesting, scheduling, and immersing yourself in play time with me. I do not like to repeat myself, so if you ask a question that is answered here in an email, you will be redirected back to this page. You are welcome to ask questions about anything that is not answered here.


  • You may inquire about a session with me via my application form, email or text only.

  • Those who fill out the application will be prioritized for appointment times.

  • I do not receive phone calls without an appointment. If I have to tell you more than once to not call me unsolicited, you will be permanently blocked.

  • When you message me, let me know which city you would like to book a session in, 1-3 activities you are interested in, what length of session you would like, and include your references or alternate form of identity verification: a photo of your ID - all identifying information other than your name and photo can be blurred out - and a link to an active social media page, personal, or professional website. All information is kept confidential and only used to verify your identity.

  • Be succinct in your request. We should be able to settle on an appointment time within 3 email exchanges. I value your time and you value mine. If you have questions, please read through my site carefully, and if they are not already answered here, please ask anything you need to clarify if my services are a good fit for your needs.

  • Craft your inquiry as though you would approach any professional:

    • Be as clear as you can in your request​

    • Do not approach casually, with informal and flirtatious language. Do not begin your email with "Hi babe" or "I'd love to hang out" or any such language you might use in casual interactions. You did not find me on a dating site or at a bar. Approach as you would a therapist, bodyworker, or other kind of professional.

    • Include all relevant and above requested information. Emails that simple say "hello" or "what are you doing tonight?" will be ignored.


  • Arrive to your appointment on time, but not early. Allot yourself enough time for parking.

  • Every session will begin with a negotiation. The more you know about your desires and boundaries upon arrival, the more efficient this process will be. I also welcome newbies and veteran players who want to explore new terrain, and I have a clear and concise series of questions that will help you identify your desires and boundaries if you do not already know.

  • I will communicate my boundaries as well during the negotiation. I expect you to respect them, and that you will ask before we begin the session if anything is unclear. I welcome all clarifying question, as informed consent is of utmost importance to me.

  • I reserve the right to terminate any session without refund due to explicit boundary violations and disrespect.

  • I expect you will be as clear as you can about your boundaries and using safe words during a session. Using yellow liberally, and red if needed, is respectable, celebrated, and necessary for both of our safety.


  • My rates are non-negotiable. If you have sincere financial need, you may send a resume with your skill set and ask if I have a need for your skills in partial trade. If you are a woman; queer, trans, gender fluid or non-binary person, a BIPOC, or otherwise marginalized identity, please ask about scholarship or sliding scale options.

  • I love virtual sessions. I offer phone, text and email sessions. I do not offer video sessions at this time, unless we have a long-term established rapport of trust. I have secure, encrypted platforms for us to virtually session through, should that be a requirement for you. Should you desire regular text and/or email communication between sessions, beyond the occasional thank you or session prep email, I am available for that in the context of paid text sessions, or a package structure only.

  • Once we have confirmed an appointment time, I will send you deposit information. I require a $150 deposit to hold your appointment for first time clients. I accept CashApp, Venmo and Amazon gift cards. Fly Me To You and long-term immersion packages require a 25% deposit. The balance should be brought in cash in an envelope and handed to me upon arrival. Should you need to use an alternate form of payment for the balance, please make your request before arriving to the appointment.

  • If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you can reschedule your appointment for within one month's time and apply your deposit to your rescheduled session. If you do not reschedule you forfeit your deposit.

  • If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you forfeit half of your deposit and can apply the other half to the deposit of a future session, scheduled within one month's time. If you do not reschedule you forfeit your deposit.

  • If you cancel within 12 hours notice you forfeit your deposit and will need to send another deposit to secure a future session.

  • If you cancel within 4 hours notice you will be expected to pay the entire session fee before being allowed to book another session.

  • A last minute cancellation means that you have taken an appointment that could have gone to someone else, which has a financial and scheduling impact on me, and is treated as such.

  • In rare cases of sickness such as COVID, death of a loved one, or emergency, you may be allowed to transfer your deposit to a future session with less than 24 hours notice.

  • Once you become a regular and have proven your reliability, I do not require a deposit to reserve an appointment. I will let you know when you cross that threshold. Should you break this trust once, you will be required to submit deposits for all future sessions.


  • Please show up to your appointment showered and in clean clothes that you are comfortable in. Prepare your body according to the kind of session you are requesting. Once we establish the activities we will explore, I will share more in-depth hygiene requirements via email if applicable.

  • Please arrive in street clothes and bring all toys and fetish wear in a discreet bag or suitcase. I welcome and enjoy what you want to wear and play with! Simply take care with discretion.

  • I welcome outfit requests for my attire, and reserve the right to accept or deny them based on my pleasure. If you have an outfit or toy request is something I do not already own, you are welcome to purchase it for the session.


  • I have a well appointed, upscale, private in-call location in uptown Oakland. You will receive directions and arrival instructions upon sending a deposit. The location is secure, and you will not need to interface with anyone to reach my apartment.

  • I have a few local dungeons I enjoy sessioning in, and am amenable to renting them for sessions. The rental fee will be added to the session tribute, and usually ranges between $50-$80/hour.

  • I am selectively available for outcalls, which require an extra travel fee, subject to change based on your location.

  • I travel frequently to Boston, Denver, LA, Sacramento, Reno, New York, Las Vegas, and Raleigh. If you would like to request a session in another city, send an email to find out my travel dates. Alternately, you can Fly Me To You for a minimum 4 hours of session times, or collaborate with friends to book sessions amounting to 4 hours minimum for me to consider your request. During travel, I session out of upscale hotels or local dungeons. If you have a special request for a suite or particular hotel, you are welcome to upgrade my room, or request an outcall to yours.

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