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Coaching Services

BDSM Play Coaching

For the client who is wanting to focus specifically on developing BDSM skills and refining their understanding of Power Dynamics play, in order to be a more competent and confident playmate, personally or professionally.

Group Coaching

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Empowerment Coaching

For those who want to use conscious play with power dynamics and exploration of kink activities, to support you to heal trauma, transform sexual shame, clearly identify and communicate your desires, understand and embody your boundaries more confidently, and build healthy self-esteem and dignity in all aspects of your life.

Service Name

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Intimacy Coaching 

For those who want to deepen experiences of safety, creativity, and consent as a spiritual/relational practice, in service to more intimate and fulfilling relationships of all kinds: romantic, platonic and anywhere in between. Suitable for Individuals, Couples and groups (monogamous or non-monogamous).

Service Name

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Heading 2

I pull from my work as a dominatrix to support femmes to reclaim their voice, power, authentic sexuality, and ability to skillfully connect with with self and others. I create safe containers for men to explore the various aspects of their erotic, emotional, sensual, relational selves.



I am here to support you to experience healthy and fulfilling relationships: with yourself, with others, and with the more than human world. I care about your belonging.


It starts with the relationship between you and I.


I care about you.


I care about your consent, comfort, and safety in the sometimes uncomfortable growth and breakthrough moments.


I care that your ego needs are met and your soul desires are fulfilled.


I want you to feel pleasure, confidence, joy, intimacy, belonging, aliveness, and whatever else it is that you most long to feel.


I want you to feel radical permission to be exactly as you are. I want you to feel radical permission to embrace and celebrate the mystery of having no clue who you are.


I care that you feel safe enough to surrender to the joy of getting lost, so that you can discover new terrain and chart new pathways.


I want you to feel witnessed and celebrated in your process of discovery.


I want to celebrate you in your flow state.


I want to celebrate you when you’re flailing.


I want you to know that you are not your conditioning.


I care that you have someone to carry the torch of your greatness in moments when you forget. So that you can feel the triumph in remembering.


I have your back in your successes, your failures, your breakdowns and breakthroughs.


Most of all, I care about creating a container where you feel seen, heard, cared for, and unconditionally loved, so that you know what that feels like.


So that you don’t allow or accept anything less than care and love into your life.


Because deep care and love are your birthright, and that’s only the beginning. Because you, dear soul, are FUCKING GOLDEN.



This Is For You If:


  • You long to feel seen, heard, cared for and unconditionally loved

  • You want to experience more intimacy in your relationships

  • You want to feel more confident dating

  • You want to feel less alone

  • You desire to experiment with your sexuality in creative, pleasurable ways

  • You want to stop feeling guilty about your desires so that you can fully claim, celebrate and fulfill them!

  • You are interested in exploring conscious kink, BDSM, and power dynamics

  • You desire to cultivate healthy self-esteem and self-worth

  • You are excited to feel more comfortable in your own skin

  • You want to get clear about what you want in your relationships, so that you can create it

  • You want to explore ethical non-monogamy in a healthy, conscious way

  • You want to develop more conscious communication skills

  • You want to learn more about consent as a foundational practice for healthy relating

  • You want to feel more clear and confident in identifying, sharing, and responding to boundaries

  • You want to understand more about your emotions, and how to create space for them in a way that creates more intimacy, rather than less

  • You want to embrace a playful approach in relationships

  • You want to learn how to approach and move through conflict in a way that feels more easeful, more respectful, and more fun!

  • You would benefit from support in recovering from relational trauma

  • You want support in feeling safe to open your heart again

  • You want to cultivate intuition, discernment and trust

  • You want to shift your relationship to painful family patterns and dynamics

  • You want to understand more clearly who you are, what you need, and what you desire, so that you can show up in your relationships more authentically

  • You want to refine your skills of self-reflection

  • You want to experience your relationships in a more embodied way

  • You are ready to experience more presence in relating

  • You want to free yourself from unhealthy patterns of relating

  • You want to better understand the internal relationship between different parts of your self

  • You are interested in building bridges with others who may not share your beliefs and perspectives

  • You are interested in fostering healthier, more generative professional relationships

  • You want to improve and expand your business through understanding why relationship skills make all the difference

  • You are ready to move beyond self-defeating patterns and self-sabotage

  • You are wanting to experience more compassion - both for yourself and for others

  • You are ready to attract and sustain relationships in which you feel met, seen, inspired, and loved

  • You want to feel more whole

  • You long to feel a true sense of belonging


What to Expect:


  • Consent

  • Conscious power dynamic play for self-understanding, healthier relationships, and liberation

  • BDSM/Kink principles and activities

  • Ritual and working with altars

  • Creative process: Writing, collage, movement

  • Dreamwork and active imagination

  • Intuitive guidance

  • Theta Healing and working with transforming belief systems

  • Cultivating social, emotional, sexual intelligence

  • Working with the elements, four directions, and relationship with the cycles of the natural world

  • Somatic practices (yoga, breathwork, expressive movement, contemplative dance)

  • Meditation

  • Radical Acceptance


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